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      1. Introduction of Congfeng Machinery Co.,Ltd:
        Ningbo Economic-Technical Development Zone Congfeng Machinery Co.,LTD was established over 10 years. Now our company has two department,one is making precision component and the other is producing macine.As to the precision component.

        Business philosophy

        • Create a new era of comprehensive, multi-functional, open IT shopping platform
        • The most complete and cost-effective IT product camp with product lines
        • Introducing the Latest "Consumer Advisor" Concept in the 21st Century
        • Implementing "customer-centric" guest morning service concept

        Five spirits

        • Ownership of the company
        • Hard work and entrepreneurial spirit
        • Fighting spirit
        • Coordinated teamwork
        • Respect the spirit of truthfulness in the market

        • Service Principle

          Warm and friendly, meticulous and thoughtful, perseverance, excellence

        • Employees have the spirit

          Strong corporate pursuit, strong team spirit, correct incentive principle, clear social responsibility

        • The ultimate pursuit

          Efforts to move users!



        8:00 - 18:00

        點擊這里給我發消息 銷售客服

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